Our Mission

Our mission is simple, but not easy. We want to make cheap affordable high quality audio gear. Everyday, our engineers comes up with complex, yet cheap, ways to create new gear. With new gear coming out all the time, competition is rough! But thankfully we are one of the best at headphones production.

The Back Story

Audio has always been something that fascinates me. Ever since my fourth birthday when I got a pair of GHX397 headphones. At the time I listened to some old metal bands as it fit my personality. I remember putting these things one and feeling like I was being taken to another world. I could feel the bass, hear the guitars. I became part of the music. After only a week of using them I begged my parents to allow me to get the FTXX7381 audio stereo. It was very expensive so I ended up having to mow the lawn for 3 months before I could afford such a beast, but the time came. I had finally gotten my audio system. Along with it I bought Crazy Storm Axe Killer's new album. I put in the CD and blasted it at full volume. It was at this moment, I fell in love with audio. Along the road I met some great people, I started a business. With time it became what it is today.

Still doubt us? Read our reviews

"I have never been more pleased with anything in my life. 5 stars, no question!"

- Robert Barr from Intense Audio Sound Place

"Absolutely incredible what these amazing people can produce! 10/10"

- Marc Hall from Over The Top Audio Lovers

Blog coming soon!

For all you audio freaks looking for frequent updates on everything audio, we have a blog coming soon.

Latest News

After much waiting, we have finally opened a new store in Monroa LA, come say and hello!

Latest Projects

Currently working hard on our XYZ6697 audio mixer! Check back for updates.