Latest Projects

You can purchase audio gear at one of our locations, or on our website.

The XY7391

Our newest and most exiting release to date, the XYY7391. More bass, and sound quality, then our previous XYY model. Easy to carry and listen to.

Operation 11 Existence

A rework of the Operation 10 Existence, this new varient allows for INTESNSE bass. With adjustable gain and attack rates, its a must buy!

The F77 Rouge

The F77 Rouge is our new mixer. With added audio control, you take control of the party! Be the center of attention with our newest mixer today!


The ZERD 715X is our new and powerful stereo system. Packing a punch, with more bass than ANY product we have ever sold.

Blog coming soon!

For all you audio freaks looking for frequent updates on everything audio, we have a blog coming soon.

Latest News

After much waiting, we have finally opened a new store in Monroa LA, come say and hello!

Latest Projects

Currently working hard on our XYZ6697 audio mixer! Check back for updates.